Under the auspices of the Commander of Royal Saudi Naval Forces, Vice Admiral Fahad bin Abdullah Al-Ghofaily, SAMI Navantia Naval Industries has launched the Naval Systems Integration and Development Center of Excellence (NSID) at the company’s headquarters in Riyadh.
 The inauguration ceremony was attended by senior executives from the Saudi Arabian Military Industries (SAMI) company and SAMI Navantia.
 The centre marks a significant milestone in SAMI Navantia’s contribution to achieving the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030. It aims to enhance capabilities efficiently, provide advanced technologies and introduce modern approaches to meet the requirements of the Royal Saudi Naval Forces.
 To ensure the centre performs its mission effectively, SAMI Navantia, with support from SAMI, has invested in computer equipment and programs.
 The company also established clear procedures and policies that reaffirm its commitment to delivering the best products to serve the naval forces and solidify its position as a leading company in naval systems industries.
 The centre seeks to integrate and develop naval systems with high-performance software and enhance local expertise, achieving naval forces’ independence by providing qualitative capabilities such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and unmanned vehicle integration.
 Meanwhile, SAMI aims to build a strong partnership with the Royal Saudi Naval Forces, becoming its technological partner.
 The company is committed to training and developing national personnel to work alongside the naval forces in strengthening the naval defense sector in line with the goals set by Saudi Vision 2030.