About us

Paving Our Way to Vision 2030


About us

The National Defense and Security Champion; A wholly-owned company of the Public Investment Fund (PIF), established in 2017 and concerned with the development and support of the defense industries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, aiming to boost its self-sufficiency. SAMI plays a significant role in contributing to the localization of 50% of the Kingdom’s defense spending, a key target of Saudi Vision 2030. ‎

Our Vision

To be among the top 25 defense industries companies around the world by 2030, by developing world-class military products and services as well as achieving self-sufficiency in Saudi defense industries through the cutting-edge technologies and the best national talents.

Our Mission

To develop cutting-edge technologies, manufacture world-class products and provide high-quality services to scale up the defense industries sector and secure necessary supplies for our clients.


SAMI was founded under the direction of HRH Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman Al-Saud


In January 2018, SAMI has started operations and its CEO was appointed


Contribute to the objective of localizing 50% total government defense spending in Saudi Arabia