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About the CEO


Dr. Andreas Schwer


Dr. Andreas Schwer is the Chief Executive Officer of Saudi Arabian Military Industries ‎‎(SAMI), spearheading efforts to drive forward the ‎Kingdom’s military industry and deliver world-class military products and services. He is responsible for the management of SAMI’s operational business and achievement of ‎the company’s business strategy and targets, Dr. Schwer is working closely with the ‎Board of Directors to attain the company’s objective of becoming a top-25 global ‎military company by 2030, drawing upon his wealth of experience and expertise in ‎setting up and managing international defense and aerospace companies. Prior to joining SAMI, Dr. Schwer was a member of the Executive Management Board of Rheinmetall Defense. Amongst his duties, he was President and CEO of Combat Systems Division, which is the core of the Rheinmetall enterprise with more than 7,000 staff in 16 countries. Dr. Schwer then served as the Chairman and President of Rheinmetall ‎International AG where he was responsible for defining the company’s internationalization strategy leading to the implementation of multiple operating companies and joint ventures in key strategic export markets such as the Middle East. In 2008, Dr. Schwer served as ‎Executive Vice President of Global Engineering and Innovation at The Manitowoc Company, ‎Inc. with engineering centers in US, Europe and Asia. He was also appointed as the General Manager of the company's branch in Germany, where he led 2,000 employees. Dr. Schwer began his career with Airbus Group Inc., where he held a number of leadership positions within their defense & space branch. Amongst those, he was one of the key industrial enabler of the Galileo Satellite Navigation Program founded by the European Union and the European Space Agency. In 1992, Dr. Schwer received his Master's degree in Aeronautics Engineering from the University of Stuttgart, Germany, and subsequently his Ph.D. in 1997. In 1998, Dr. Schwer accomplished a second Master’s degree in Systems Engineering from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. ‎